A safe place for Saffron…an appeal for your help


Hi all.

Our new rescue, Saffron, has made it necessary to put out an urgent appeal. Read the story of Saffron here.


Saffron is totally blind and we need to create a new paddock for her as soon as possible. At present she is confined to a loose box and is fretting and finds it difficult to eat from a feed bowl as she cannot locate it. A dedicated paddock will enable her to graze, to have a companion, and to gain confidence.

We have an ideal paddock next to the house, but it has a very deep dam, and we need to fence this off.  This will create a safe paddock with shade trees and ready access to the yards and stables. There is an added advantage that this will also create a spring paddock for the ponies prone to laminitis.

A fencing contractor can do the fence this week. But, we cannot start the work until I have raised the funds.

We are asking for supporters and anyone you can recruit, to contribute $20 to pay for two metres of fencing. Of course if you can assist with more we will not say no!


The fencing together with gates is estimated at $1500. Therefore we need 79 contributions of $20.

We will update via our Facebook page of how we are going.  As Sunday 18th August we are at 65% of target. ..thank you.


1. By Paypal.

Until we incorporate the Paypal account is in my name, Linda Mira-Bateman

To pay go to: https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/home

Log in

Click on the tab ‘Buy’

Click on ‘Make a payment’.

Select ‘Pay for goods or services’

Use e mail address lindamirabateman@bigpond.com to make the payment’

Please if you have any problems let me know…I have not used Paypal before to receive payments!

2. By direct Internet transfer

Again, until we incorporate we do not have a dedicated account for Honey’s Pledge.

Donations can be made into an account. Please contact me for details.

3. PLEASE e mail me on lindamirabateman@bigpond.com so I can trace your donation and issue a receipt.


As we are still in the process of incorporating we cannot offer Deductable Gift Status. We will however provide a receipt. Please make sure you e mail us so we can do so.

Saffron is a very special rescue with special needs. This is why we are reaching out for support.

Many thanks

Linda and the Honey Pledge team (and Saffron of course)