Tears for a friend…Billy the goat

“I saw goats. A party can’t be all bad when you have goats,” Lucy said.”
― Mary Jane Hathaway, Persuasion, Captain Wentworth and Cracklin’ Cornbread

Recently we were asked if we could assist with a surrendered goat.

Animals are surrendered for many reasons, changes in circumstances, cases of neglect, or that they carer just does not want them. Sometimes the carer initiates the surrender, and at other times a surrender is negotiated to enable to animals to get to a more suitable place.

Some carers are glad to be unburdened of their responsibilities, others are sad and heart broken to lose a friend.

We will always work with a responsible carer to enable them to keep the animal (s) in their care and the animals to stay in their home.

But sometimes it is just not possible, and as large as a person’s heart is, there are at times just not the space or the resources.

When the photo of Billy was sent through my own heart gave a leap…he was just like big Al, one of our resident rescue goats. Al has the best nature, a gentle goat giant. When Al came to us he had cuts in his neck from the collar he had been tethered with. He now has a severely lame front leg, from arthritis in his knee, likely resulting from years of being tightly tethered. Al is however a gentle soul and it looked like he would now have a friend.



Al the goat…a handsome fellow


When Billy arrived, he still had his tether rope on. I do not like tethering but I did note..there was not a mark, not a rub, not a sign, of Billy’s tethering on his neck. He was bright and healthy, agile and well nourished.

I heard how his carer had cried at his leaving, but was relieved he was going to a good home, where he could walk freely and be with other goats.

So the introductions were made and, to our delight, within days Billy and Al were sharing food, sharing their accommodation and clearly best mates !

We thank those who saw Billy needed new options in life and we thank his carer for looking after him, and also having such love for him to put his ongoing welfare above their own loss of a friend…that is true love indeed.



Billy the goat…a new arrival











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