Sponsor a Honey’s Pledge resident



At Honey’s Pledge we take responsibility for animals that come into our care for their lifetime.

If suitable for rehoming, and the right forever home is found, we love to place our rescued animals into new homes. All animals are covered by a contract to ensure they receive the care they need and they remain in the legal ownership of Honey’s Pledge.

Sometimes, for reasons of health, temperament or age, an animal may not be suited to rehoming, or a suitable home has not presented itself.

When this happens the animal is a Honey’s Pledge resident and we bear the full cost of their feed, vet care, ongoing health needs such as feet trimming and dental work, shearing, rugs, vet treatment, parasite control, and the cost of maintaining the property to house them, such as fencing, water supply, shelters and transport costs.

As you would appreciate this is a substantial financial commitment on our part.

Many of our supporters may not be able to offer a home to a rescued animal, due to existing animal commitments or living in an urban environment.

You can however help us continue our work and care by providing some financial assistance through sponsoring an animal of your choice.

  • Regular sponsorship gives us an ability to plan ahead and buy items such as feed in bulk, thus reducing our costs.
  • By sponsoring an animal you are helping us help them, and free up resources to assist other animals in need.

In acknowledgement of your commitment we will provide you with framed print of your sponsored rescue and a quarterly update.

Available for sponsorship are:

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