How to donate

As you would appreciate, there are many costs to rescue and rehoming. We need to be fiscally responsible in our rescue project and operate within our resources,

Thus our ability to rescue and rehome any animal is governed by money coming in to fund transport, feed and fodder , vet treatment, farrier and dental work, shearing, fencing, shelters, bedding, power costs, .parasite control, and all the incidental maintenance and administrative costs.

Honey’s Pledge Inc has Deductible Gift status.

If you would like to support us financially you can:

  • (Preferred) Give directly to our Cash Reserve (Donation) Fund.

Account details  Honeys Pledge Inc (Westpac)    BSB            033688    Account    503538

Please reference your donation with your name, and use the contact form to advise us of your donation so a receipt can be issued.

  • Donate through Paypal. nb. at present we lose a significant portion of your donation through Paypal so it is not our preferred option.



  • If you cannot access internet banking, donations can be sent to Honey’s Pledge Inc. PO Box 94, DAYLESFORD, VIC. 3460.

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