About Honey’s Pledge

“Kindness to the whole animal creation….is not only a virtue that should be developed, but is the absolute duty of mankind” ~Joseph Smith (1805-1844)

Honey’s Pledge is the name we have chosen for our work in animal advocacy, rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Honey has a special place in our hearts. She deserved so much better. Honey entrusted us to give her life meaning by working to engage the compassion in others.

This is our pledge to Honey.

We work with other individuals and groups to advocate on behalf of animals, to aid with the rescue of animals in need, to provide rehabilitation for animals who come into our care, and to find new forever homes for animals in need a home.

We are a registered charity (ABN 42331199153.).

Many animals have been rehomed through us and we aim to put people in touch with other groups or individuals who can assist with providing care and information, Our property is a haven for native wildlife and we participate in conservation programmes to preserve and enhance our native vegetation.


HP Brochure collage 2


The purpose of Honey’s Pledge is to support neglected, abused, homeless and slaughter bound animals in need.

  1. To provide shelter and direct care for neglected, abused, or homeless animals and animals in need;
  2. To provide rehabilitation  for such animals so that they can be rehoused to suitable forever homes under a life time adoption contract;
  3. Provide emergency care, housing, transport and assistance to animals in need;
  4. Assist people in the rehoming of their animals under emergency situations so that the animals find suitable homes quickly, also providing emergency care, assistance and treatment to animals if needed;
  5. Raise awareness of animals in need, legal obligations of owners and carers, and educating the public on compassionate animal care and responsible ownership.
  6. Contribute to the development of improved government legislation and policy in the area of animal welfare;
  7. To work with other animal welfare organisations to improve animal welfare; and,
  8. To provide a comprehensive and informative data base to assist the public to quickly and easily access prompt and appropriate assistance for animals in need.

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