Needless carnage and suffering

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Honeys Pledge has a large area of native forest and grasslands. We are proud to provide a home for a variety and number of native animals, who after all, were on this land before my forbearers arrived.

This morning started with an event that makes me very very angry and sad.

I received a call re a kangaroo, obviously in trouble, on the road adjacent to our property.

I called BADGER to come to assist and went to find the kangaroo

Sitting on the road was a female, obviously from the forest that is the extension of our property. She was just sitting on the road.

I had to wait for an hour for the closest available carer to attend, thankfully it was Manfred from Five Freedoms.  Manfred has helped us before and is a marksman specialising in darting, which was a huge help  in this situation.

Firstly thank you so much for wildlife carers. You are invaluable.

All while we waited the kangaroo stayed put, even with passing cars and trucks. I must say all were considerate of her plight and my request they slow and pass wide, except for the driver of a quarry truck who ignored and drove past twice at speed and without diversion.

She licked her stomach and tried to scratch. From the amount of poo she had been there for some time.

When Manfred arrived he assessed her but was worried at an obvious head  injury and irreparable damage to her eye. He darted her and we waited until this took effect before Manfred moved in to gently assess her.

Manfred showed me the baby kangaroo suckling from her Mum, and I thought how, all that time, unable to move, stranded on the road, she had still cared for her baby, licking her pouch even with a severe head wound.

Luckily, although she had had previous joeys, the second teat was dry, so there was no second joey on the loose without its mum.

As she slept, thankfully now without pain, Manfred checked her closely. As I had suspected, her injury was from being shot. And the shot was obviously from a .22 rifle, which is illegal.

I know when the shooting occurred and so it was evident this poor kangaroo had been with this horrific injury for two days, barely alive, without being able to get to water and in unimaginable pain.

There was no option but to euthanize her and her joey.

Although this was heart breaking it was so much better than the unbearable slow death that would have occurred otherwise from starvation, thirst and fox attack.

To all wildlife carers who dedicate their lives, and it is a true and complete dedication, I thank you from every fibre of my being for being there.

  • To everyone who drives, go slow, stop for wildlife, give them to opportunity to get clear of traffic.
  • Put your local wildlife carers number in your mobile.
  • ALWAYS stop and check an animal. Always get assistance. be prepared to wait with them until help arrives to ensure their safety, no meeting is more important than a life.
  • Give clear specific direction.
  • Equip you car with some basics, a collapsible box, some towels, sturdy gloves, a bottle of water and rescue remedy.
  • IF possible to do so and advised as safe by wildlife carer, please assist with transport.
  • Consider donating to wildlife rescuers. They get NO government funding and are the only agencies that care for wildlife.
  • If you get assistance, follow up with a donation.
  • Report shooting to your local police. If you can do so safely get car registration details.
  • Shooting from the road is always illegal.
  • Illegal shooting should also be reported to DEPI (formally DSE)  or equivalent department in your state/territory.

And to the person who shot this kangaroo, why not use that ‘skill’ for good. We need marksmen to assist with euthanasia, not to cause wounding, suffering and unnecessary deaths.

And to our little kangaroos, rest in peace.