Charlotte’s fate

Fate plays a huge part in which animals find their way to sanctuary and safety.

A year ago we were made aware of an off the track (OTT) thoroughbred mare, who was sold at the sales to the knackery. Having seen her photograph standing forlorn and hopeless we decided to see if she could be purchased. We were able to do so and thus this mare was saved and a new life opened up. Her story will be told.

On the day she was collected from the slaughterhouse, the woman leading her out had to push back a large grey mare, who desperately wanted to follow. The next day she told me about this mare and hard it was to leave her behind.

I could not get this mare out of my mind. Finally four days later I picked up the ‘phone and made the call. Yes, the mare was still alive, and yes, at a price, I could purchase her. Even though we were at capacity I made the decision to go ahead. The person who had first seen the mare offered to take her, provide any training needed and rehome her.

So May 23, 2012 the grey mare left the knackery. I was asked to name her and chose the name ‘Charlotte’.

Due to other commitments, Charlotte’s planned training did not go ahead and she lived on an agistment property for the next 12 months. I was then advised that the person who had taken her on needed to rehome Charlotte, so a decision was made to formally transfer legal ownership back to Honey’s Pledge and to look for a suitable forever home for Charlotte. Heavy Horse Heaven generously offered to adopt Charlotte and assist in find a home.

I had been told Charlotte was hard to ‘catch’ and reluctant to interact. My first meeting was in a large open paddock. Charlotte immediately walked up to me, and stood so close it was almost impossible to get a photograph of her. Within minutes I was hugging her. We had an immediate bond. A bond so strong I realised I felt I could not send Charlotte interstate. I really wanted her close by.

The property owner generously agreed to keep Charlotte on until the right home was found and start some handling with her.

Around this time a lovely neighbour approached me with an offer to take on some horses. The property is an equine idyll and I immediately thought of Charlotte.

After a number of weeks while other rescues demanded our attention, Charlotte finally made the float trip to her new home. She has three lovely gelding for company, rolling hills, shady trees, and beautiful surroundings, love, and care.  She accepted her rug and has obviously been well handled in the past.

What we, and her new carer, cannot get over is Charlotte’s impeccable behaviour. She is such a sweet, loving mare.  Charlotte is stunning, in great condition, and of a lovely nature.

And yet, 12 months ago Charlotte was waiting to be slaughtered, discarded and unwanted.

Thank goodness fate intervened for Charlotte.