Saving Grace. One year on.

Garce 1 year on

Today we are celebrating the first year of Grace joining our family. This is Grace’s story.

We first saw Grace on a Facebook page. She was advertised in ‘Gumtree’. The advertiser was honest that she was not in good condition and they were struggling to provide her with the feed she needed. She was obviously an older mare. We shared the post hoping someone would be able to take her in but there were no takers.

On another forum Grace was the subject of a lengthy post which was berating the owner for her condition and that there was an asking price of $500. Unfortunately there were gross exaggerations regarding her state with claims she was’ drooling green slime’ and had a uterine infection, a leg injury, and so on.
After a few days we telephoned and spoke to the advertiser. They had had people to see Grace but they were only willing to take her FTGH (Free to good home). Anyway we negotiated a lower price and made a time to collect her.

The advertiser explained that Grace had been in poor condition when they had purchased her. They felt sorry for her and wanted to bring her up to condition and do some gentle riding. They had got a vet out who explained that Grace was much older than they had been told, too old to ride, and would need specialist hard feeding. Unfortunately this was beyond their means and Grace’s condition remained poor. So they decided the best outcome would be to sell her.

A good friend drove with me. Grace was yarded with a paddock companion. She hid in the shed as he raced around obviously distressed. We caught him and he immediately calmed. We noticed he was a standard bred and also found he too was for sale. Our float was not suited to taking both horses so we loaded Grace, she raced up the ramp, and left, asking that they hold the standard bred.

Grace travelled and unloaded beautifully. On arrival her face was full of wonder, gazing across at the paddocks.


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Grace Arrival


Immediately we gave her a light feed and found her a rug. Immediately she half closed her eyes in bliss….a look we see every day.

The RSPCA made contact as the mare had been reported through the forum. We were able to assure the RSPCA that the mare, though underweight, was not in any immediate danger. She had been seen by a vet and would be undergoing worming, feet and teeth to start her rehabilitation. The leg wound was an old scar, there was no indication of infections, her hooves needed basic attention and she had a sarcoid on her face, a common condition in light coloured horses (and one which the advice is generally to do nothing). We asked the RSPCA to contact our vet for confirmation and thanked them for following through on the report.

Grace settled in immediately. I found her a warm snug ‘combo’ doona rug, and over rug…..she looked like a snug teddy bear. She was just so happy to be fed and warm.

She is a darling girl who has joined a small herd of two other mares, Maggie and Queenie, and the aged gelding Louis. She has obviously been a brood mare and the decision was made that she should become a Honey’s Pledge resident as she has seen many homes. This is her forever home now.

Although the previous owner came in for much criticism we see that they were always honest regarding Grace’s condition, did not send her to the market or abattoir, did not simply give her away to an unknown person which may have put her at a great risk of being sold on for slaughter, they were willing to negotiate a price and wanted a good home for her. They have taken a great interest in her progress.

Grace spends her days wandering the olive grove, coming in twice a day for her feed. She is very keen on her rugs!
Two weeks later we returned for the standard bred…….his story ……

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