Blind love

“I wish for all of us the blindness of love that makes us see no faults in the other.”
Kamand Kojouri

Many years ago, I received a call. Did I know of a home for a ewe? She had been rescued as a lamb, raised as a member of the household, but her carer could look after her no longer.

It was lucky that I did have such a home available. A friend had a pet sheep, and she needed a companion. So Blossom, as the ewe is named, made her way to a new home and lots of love and care.

Her companion died at an advanced age, and when her carer went on holidays, Blossom would stay with us.

Sadly however, Blossom’s carer became gravely ill and the time came when Blossom came to live with us permanently. She joined the flock however was always keen to come into the house, as she had done as a young sheep at her first home.

Then one day I noticed Blossom walk into a tree. Examination showed she had developed cataracts, and sadly, unlike in humans, this is not a condition that can be treated surgically.

So Blossom moved into our special care yard, with a shelter for nights and extreme weather, and is hand fed.

She has a variety of companions, depending on who is in the care yard as well.

Blossom is now at an advanced age so we make sure she has gentle friends.

Recently two young lambs joined us. Quincy had been found alone in a paddock, with no mother in sight. The farmer decided to surrender him into care. On arrival to the sanctuary he was found to have a condition that reduced his sight…and this was likely the reason he had become separated from his mother as the flock moved on. Luckily this little man had landed on his hooves at a sanctuary that could and did, provide him with the necessary surgery to correct his loss of vision.

Quincy and his friend, Smudge, came to us and moved in with Blossom until they are older an able to join the main flock.

Over the weeks I had noticed that Smudge would go on adventures, but Quincy always stayed close to Blossom.

Blossom has lost her sight and can never regain it. Quincy lost his sight and his Mum, but his sight is now back.

Somehow I feel Quincy is preparing to be Blossom’s eyes, while she provides him with a quiet safe presence, just like a Mum.

Bless them both.










A little one lost…..

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep…………

Meet Peggy.

Peggy was spotted by a kindly member of the community in an adjacent garden. Neighbours were canvassed but no one was missing a sheep.

Peggy had what appeared to be an injured leg and some injuries to her face.

Despite the garden being unfenced Peggy stayed put, and the reason…she had found a friendly face.

We found this so poignant…..lost and lonely…Peggy made ‘friends’ with a familiar figure. Apparently she even slept snuggled up to her friend, a fibreglass sheep.

Peggy Peggy 1

With no one coming forward to claim Peggy, we offered to provide her sanctuary and treatment for her injuries.

Using our portable yards, the HP team quietly assembled an open ended corral around the fibreglass friend. Then standing with our eyes lowered we waited, and in just a few minutes Peggy ran to join her friend in the yard and we secured her.

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Gently we carried her to the horse float. We felt sad at leaving her ‘friend’ and comfort behind but joyous that as soon as possible Peggy would re reunited with real sheep.

Peggy was transported directly to a vet who diagnosed injuries to her eye and mouth from a likely dog attack, as well as a badly infected front foot.

Peggy is having treatment for her eye and foot and is snug and dry in the horse float.

Once her hoof has healed she will be transferred to the stables and then to our sheep yards.