Not our usual rescue…

“A kitten is, in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden.”
― Robert Sowthey

Arrivals no. 4 and 5 for 2018 are a little different. These two babies, together with another sibling, were discovered on a local property. No mother could be located and sadly, in the heat of last weekend, the third sibling died.

Fearful for the remaining kittens the property owners arranged to trap them. We were asked if we could assist in finding a rescue for them. Sadly, at this time of year, cat rescues are overflowing with kittens so we took these two in. We set them up in a large dog crate with a cat cave to hide in, their food, water and a litter tray.

Kittens always amaze me with their self sufficiency when the right conditions are in place. The food was polished off and there was evidence that the litter tray was welcomed :).

Luckily, I knew of a local family who had recently set about to rescue a mother cat and kittens they had found on a vacant property, but sadly were unable to re locate them to trap. So I contacted them to ask if they would consider taking in these babies. They are experienced with kittens and it is an excellent home so I was thrilled when they agreed to foster…with a planned ‘foster fail’

So these two little ones were transported to their new home in situ in their crate and now are undergoing socialisation after time to adjust to their traumatic last few days.

When appropriate, all vet work will be done including de sexing and microchipping. We look forward to updates.



Daisy, Daisy…we are crazy all for the love of you!

At Honey’s Pledge we care for many animals, including some wonderful cats.  Here is the story of Daisy.

A very good friend in Geelong contacted me worried about a young kitten in her neighbourhood. The young female  seemed to be permanently on the street with little care. . She asked around neighbours but those who answered had no idea who was caring for the kitten. The kitten with no tattoo showing she had been speyed and was not micro chipped.

It was a searing hot summer and the kitten was obviously sleeping under cars with no access to shelter or water. After making enquiries widely my friend  asked if we could take in this little girl.

We were able to do so and named her ‘Daisy.’

She is a real beauty with wonderful snow leopard colouring with ginger highlights. She arrived in a cat basket travelling in style and immediately settled into a life of inside luxury  to ‘the manor born’.

Daisy settled. Then one day my friend had a knock on her door. A neighbour held a young female dog in his arms but with her legs hanging. He frantically asked my friend to help as his dog had started having her pups and he did not know what to do.  She sent him to a vet but found out the young dog, just 6 months old, was in pup to a large dog…….asking some questions she then found that these same people had ‘owned’ the kitten…but had gone on a long holiday, leaving her behind.

She told them that she had rehomed the kitten and they told her they really did not care……. So we were glad Daisy came to us. At a shelter she would have been lucky to have been adopted amongst the thousands of unwanted kittens.

It is vital that all domestic animals are de sexed. And carers who care, microchip their dogs and cats.

It is always really helpful if dogs and cats can have a tag with a mobile telephone number to contact a carer as soon as possible, especially after hours.

Here are some glamour shots of Daisy!

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