The year that was … 2018

Today I am taking a moment to reflect of 2018, the year that was. A year that saw 54  animals come into our care, and the loss of some very dear friends.

The year started with the arrival of two young and very sweet goats, Mary Lou and Louise May, who we took in from a local pound. We are thrilled that, within the year, they have found an outstanding home with a local family.

mary lou and louise may

Mary Lou and Louise May

Next to arrive was the lovely David. Again a pound refugee he found sanctuary with us. He had fallen from a transport truck on the way to market.

David the sheep


Then a rescue of a different kind. Two tiny kittens, Beatrice and Benedict, first thought to be siblings, were trapped at a local property. Luckily we were able to find them a home together.

beatrice and benedict

Beatrice and Benedict

Along the way we were able to assist with rehoming three drakes surrendered to a local pound.

three-drakes assisted rehome


Then the sheep began to arrive thick and fast.

  • Jane the sheep left behind when her horse friend died
  • Toby the little merino blinded by grass seeds and helped by a good Samaritan
  •  Emma and her lamb escaping going to market
  •  Anthony, Andrew, Albert, Alistair and Acland escaping slaughter,
  •  Tom, Simone and Craig taken in as a duty of care.


sheep 4 5 6 7 8

Billy arrived. Loved, but unable to stay with is carer, authorities asked if we could provide a safe home.  He is a big goat with an even bigger personality.


billy 9

Then we had the rescue of the two alpacas, Seamus and Shirly. I have been aware of Seamus’s plight for five years, so it was with great joy we were able to bring him and his girlfriend to safety at last.
shirly and shamus 21 and 22
Despite our decision not to take in any more horses….two were in need…and we decided to act. Jimmy the Greek won over $500,000 as a trotter….but ended up in a rural pound with his friend Molly. The home who he had been placed with, in good faith by the trainer, did not want to claim them.  The post regarding their plight went viral but not suitable homes were forthcoming.

jimmy and molly 10 11

Then the lambs began to arrive. Firstly little Charlie. An orphaned lamb left to die next to his dead mother Thankfully a passer by acted and secured his safety.

charlie 23


Julie and Helen, two pregnant ewe’s arrived next. Before too long, their lambs Nim and Jim, the twins, and little Bobby were born into safety.

nim and jimbobby

During ‘lamb’ season we had a most delightful arrival. Paul, a very elderly ram. He was found on the side of the road having fallen from a truck en route to the abattoir. Paul immediately became a friend to the orphans.


Orphaned twins Stormy and Pluto come into care, then Charlotte, another orphan with joint ill.

stormy and pluto

Paul watching over Charlie, Pluto and Stormy.


Charlotte on arrival. She has made a full recovery.

Our next lamb arrived on a day of freezing rain and sleet. Little Toto. Sadly his stay with us was short. He died just prior to the loss of one of our favorite elders Francis. Here they are together.

rip toto and francis

We then rescued a young sheep, Malcolm. Malcolm had the worst case of fly strike I have ever encountered. He immediately went into vet care. Sadly, despite every effort, he did not make it.

rip malcolm

Then little Roo came into our care. Born prematurely it was always a big ask. We thought he was in with a chance but sadly he did not make it.

roo recovery


Roo’s Mum also passed shortly after and so his, now orphaned twin, Kanga, came to us. Kanga had been the stronger twin, and thankfully he has grown to be a strong little lamb.

roo twin

The poultry population then expanded with the arrival of Antonio the rooster and his four girls, Poppy, Daisy, Tulip and Rose. We then provided a safe haven for Ryan the turkey, and his friend Susan the hen


Our next call was to a little goat impounded in another shire. He had a severely damaged leg. We were asked to take in an impounded rooster as well and so Othello came for the freedom ride a well. Given eh extent of his injuries the little goat was immediately taken in by our friends at Edgars Mission. Tripod has not had the leg amputated and his full cheeky nature is enjoyed by everyone.

Othello was rehomed but did not behave as a gentleman should, so he is back with us.




Then our sheep population grew again with the arrival of Bikini, Bambini, and Martini from our friends at Edgars Mission.  Martini is related to Stormy, Pluto, and Charlotte.

The day we collected Bikini and Bambini we had a call to assist with a wether found on a property with horrific leg injuries.  Enter Captain Jack.  We immediately got vet assistance for him, however, we decided to ask Edgars Mission for assistance. Thanks to their excellent care The Captain has made an amazing recovery.

captain jack 33

Next new arrivals were Banana and her baby Miracle. Banana is now called the ‘shop steward’ as she is very vocal in demanding her ‘rights’ but we love her!

Then the lovely Macbeth..happily wandering a local rural town…was the victim of complains and had nowhere to roost…except us.



And then along came little Lucille…found wandering alone in a forest.

Last but not least are Annie and Kitty. From a small Corriedale flock, their carer, due to circumstances, was unable to provide the flock the care they needed.  They were headed for market when a supporter stepped in. The sheep are now all in care. Annie is very elderly and had a bad case of fly strike, so she and her paddock mate, Kitty came to us.






And the goodbyes……

This year, with its many arrivals also saw sad departures. As we take responsibility for the animals in our care for life, we are also caring for them at the time of their death. For most it is from old age or related illness. Sometimes the animal is just to compromised to survive, sometimes we euthanize as an act of kindness to release and animal from pain and suffering.

For 2018 we remember..

Toto, Roo, Malcolm and Tom …your stay with us was too short, and others including Francis, Albert,

rip coco and billy buttons

Coco and Billy Buttons

rip frosty


rip alf


rip twisty


And Louis, our original rescue pony. One of a kind and so sadly missed.

louis nov 18 1



So it has been a full year. Thank you for your support and encouragement all over 2018.

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